On hunger and an intense relationship with food

Day 2 – 1 porridge, 1 soup, 1 (hot) milkshake (600 kcal)

I knew the hunger would start to kick in today, but I was feeling fine until mid afternoon, so when it hit it struck me by surprise.

First off I must admit the ‘food’, aka powdered sachets provided by the CWP consultant to which only hot/cold water may be added, is surprisingly comforting. When you eat it you don’t think ‘ew diet food’, it’s more satisfying than that.

However, I am a dyed in the wool foodaholic: hunger follows me around like a overly friendly puppy; chocolate and chips take me to my happy place; and I often almost bankrupt myself over takeaways and fancy meals out. Indeed, I’m well known in my family for having a one track mind when it comes to the subject of food. It’s a running joke that I will always find a ‘pudding size hole’ in my stomach, regardless of how big the meal was, and my younger brother often used to call me ‘nugget’ when we were growing up.

So yeah, food is a pretty big deal to me, and for all my bravado and (foolhardy?) can-do spirit, it’s why I hesitated before taking the leap and starting this.

You have to be mad right? To go from having a burger and beer one day, to surviving on powders and water. Utterly crazy. Honestly? I don’t think I’ve really come to terms with what I’m doing. But that’s okay. I’ll take it one day at a time for now and hope that the promised rapid results are enough to keep me going.

That being said, my main fear, the one I knew would kill this endeavour before it really started, was that I wouldn’t like the food.

Readers it’s okay, really it is, panic over, bridge crossed: I don’t hate it. In fact it’s quite nice. Not venison with dark chocolate sauce from a Michelin starred restaurant nice, or even cheesy chips after a night out nice, but warm tomato soup when you’ve just come in from a frosty winter walk nice. And that’s good enough for me.

So as I sit here writing this, feeling depressed about the hunger and how early I drank my final meal for the day (and how my sweet boyfriend is about to cook his deliciously wonderful smelling meatballs), I can distract myself with the knowledge that the first hurdle has been crossed. I know it’s not going to get easier until day 4 (ketosis day), but at least I haven’t had any nasty side effects yet.

Onwards and upwards; the journey is only just beginning.


A not-so-terrible breakfast of porridge 


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