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Do you even diet bro?

Day 6 – 600 kcal in 2500 out

First off, diet update. Today was weigh in day; a chance to see how it was all going. And I have good news: I’ve lost 8 lbs, shaved 2 inches off my waist and reduced my BMI from 33 to 31 (medically obese is 30, healthy is 25).

It’s a great first step and I’m feeling inspired to keep going. Thank you to everyone who’s had kind words for me, the support means a lot.


My stats

One thing you really notice when you start dieting, particularly on a very restrictive one like this, is how much food is a part of our identity.

It’s everywhere.

This weekend we went to a shopping centre and I was hit by a wall of forbidden aromas: bagels, pizza, burgers, popcorn, fried chicken, all things I can’t have anymore. The weird thing was, I hadn’t been hungry before I smelt those things, and once I left I still wasn’t hungry, but in the moment, confronted with that wall, I felt weak, ravenous, unable to go on.

I think of all the times I saw a delicious looking brownie, imagined the taste and couldn’t stop thinking about it until I eventually gave in and bought the damn thing. Work is a killer for that as there are a selection of freshly baked delights Every Single Day.

There are two things that have historically made me feel hungry: smelling food and visual prompts. If I’ve seen a pizza ad one day, it’s highly likely I’ll end up coaxing my boyfriend into ordering takeout with me that evening.

The silly thing is, now I’m not eating those things, I can see that I was never truly hungry in the first place.

I wonder if that’s the trick of ‘those with the gorgeous bods’: they realise they’re not hungry so don’t eat.

Or maybe they don’t eat because they wake up and love the fact they’re thin…

Everyone has their struggles. Mine is that I want to get down to a healthy weight then maintain it. Some struggle from the opposite end of the scale. Quite literally.

Food. Life giver. Endless source of conversation the world over.


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